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Milton Friedman
Nobel laureate (Economics) and advisor to US Presidents

I find it hard to answer your letter because I agree with almost everything you say.

Sanjay Khan
Bollywood Actor, Producer and Director

A skillful combination of doctrines of Good Governance and Economic Freedom … a racy, compelling and page turning drama of passion, intrigue and love; a potent script for a promising Bollywood flick.

P.K. Sundaramoorthi
Managing Director, Hunter Douglas India

On a personal note, I enjoyed the book thoroughly. It’s not easy to conceptualize all the aspects of the underlying theme, one by one in such a lucid manner. It’s definitely worth reading.

Anuj Gulati
CEO, Religare Health Insurance Company Limited

Fast paced winning first novel that captures the Indian milieu wonderfully.

Bibek Debroy

Rakesh Wadhwa and Leon Louw believe in free markets, liberal economic policies and reduced (but effective) State intervention. This is an interesting attempt to push these ideas through a novel that straddles time and space, and through a Liberty and Prosperity Party that shapes the future through a golden India.

Gurcharan Das

Fiction often captures philosophy better than a dry essay as we know so well from Ayn Rand, who is also Rakesh Wadhwa’s role model. This delightful thriller is a paean to liberalisation and shows how India could become one of the world’s freest and most prosperous countries.